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National Clean Plant Network Fact Sheet on Red Blotch

The National Clean Plant Network (NCPN) has released a fact sheet on grapevine red blotch disease. 

Identification of the grapevine red bloch-associated virus (GRBaV) is the first step in a process to collect more information on the virus and the disease. Ongoing studies are investigating many aspects of virus and disease, for instance: 

1. There is a very good correlation between the presence of GRBaV and symptoms, but this correlation does not prove causality. Studies are investigating the role of GRBaV in red blotch disease. 

2. This is a DNA virus that has been tentatively assigned to the family Geminiviridae. As researchers gain more information on the genomic nucleotide sequence the taxonomic classification will be clearer. 

3. The virus has been shown to be graft-transmissable. Studies are investigating the potential of vector-transmission of the virus. 

4. GRBaV can be detected by a PCR test. Studies are improving detection techniques. 

The use of planting material that is free of known pathogens continues to be an important practice to manage diseases associated with viral pathogens, given that once viruses are present in the vineyard there is no known cure. 

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