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Dean Donaldson Endowment Fund

"Physical buildings and instruments do not interest me. Seeing 100 people participate in learning does."


Dean Donaldson

Dean Donaldson, Farm Advisor & County Director
University of California Cooperative Extension-Napa County
1969 to 2001

Dean Donaldson was a dedicated community leader and deliberate educator who strove for excellence in the field of environmental horticulture by providing:

  • Critical educational resources and innovative techniques for farmers producing row and tree crops.
  • Educational support to commercial landscapers, arborists, and other gardening professionals.
  • Horticulture outreach to gardeners by starting the UC Master Gardener program in Napa County.
  • Emphasis on diagnosis of plant diseases and problems.
  • Exposure and access to informational references and resources, and a belief in growing the community's capacity to lead and create educational opportunities.


Endowment Fund

In keeping with Dean's collaborative approach to education, incubated over many years of UC service, this endowment will support programs that reduce and remove barriers to educational access, and grow the skills, knowledge, and confidence in our community to self-educate and apply horticultural knowledge. Specifically, the funds may be used to support educational events including short courses, workshops, and conferences.


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Dean Donaldson Endowment Fund
Environmental Horticulture Education

Gifts sent via US Mail in support of this endowment must be accompanied by a gift letter and made payable to the Regents of the University of California.


This endowment will be invested in perpetuity by The Regents of the University of California and may be added to over time with future outright or planned gifts. Use of the fund payout will be administered by the local UCCE office with oversight by the UCCE Director, and Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator with advisory input from the UC Master Gardener Program of Napa County Volunteer Officers.


Dean Donaldson


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