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4-H Forms and Supplies

Forms and Program Publications

Enrollment forms and other 4-H forms, publications and manuals can be downloaded from the state Web site.

4-H Record Books

Members use forms to record their yearly activity and to reflect upon their growth.  They can then enter record book competitions and earn recognition for their 

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involvement.  Information, instructions and Record book forms can be downloaded from the state web site. 

4-H Hats, Ties, Collars & Covers

Effective 8/1/15:

4-H Supplies Price List

To order 4-H hats, ties, collars and recordbook covers call or stop by the 4-H office in Napa.

4-H (UC Cooperative Extension)
1710 Soscol Avenue, Suite 4
877-279-3065 (toll free from Upvalley or American Canyon)

Payment must be received at the time of pick-up at the 4-H office. Exact change please or checks made payable to Napa County 4-H Supplies.

Replacement Project Medals for $4.00 each and Year Pins for $2.00 each may be purchased at the 4-H office, while supplies last. Exact change please or checks made payable to Napa 4-H Council.

New prices effective 7/1/15

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