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Argentine ants

Argentine ant management can be a component of a mealybug management program. 

Argentine ants feed on the honeydew produced by mealybugs. The ants protect the mealybugs from many of their natural enemies. 

In the absence of Argentine ants, populations of grape, obscure, and longtailed mealybug may be significantly reduced due to more effective biological control.

Vine mealybug populations in California are not controlled by ant management alone, but it may be one component of an integrated program. 

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Preparing polyacrylamide bait for Argentine ants


Liquid baits control Argentine ants sustainably in coastal vineyards (Cooper et al., California Agriculture, Oct-Dec 2008)

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Guide to Vineyard Ant Identification

Guide to Vineyard Ant Identification (Spanish) (Guía para la identificación de hormigas en el viñedo)