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Production Costs / Vine Loss Calculator

Sample costs to  Establish a Vineyard and Produce Winegrapes in the North Coast Region
(Napa County, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012)

Perceived Benefits and Costs of Sustainability Practices in California Viticulture

Effectiveness of Sustainability Programs in California Viticulture

Vine Replacement Cost Calculator
 (UC Davis Ag and Resource Economics) can be used to calculate the value of a single tree or vine lost to any cause then replanted and grown to maturity, or to the age at which it was lost, whichever occurs first.  Typical examples include vine losses from vehicle damage, fire, misapplication of chemicals, etc.  

Cost and Return Studies from other regions and for other crops, at the UC Davis Ag Economics Department website (under "Outreach")

Napa County vineyards