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Breanna Martinico

Human-Wildlife Interactions Advisor
UC Cooperative Extension Napa County
1710 Soscol Avenue Suite 4
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 253-4141
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Breanna is a wildlife biologist and ecologist, specializing in ornithology. She is compelled by the co-existence and mutual benefits of humans and wildlife in agroecosystems and is committed to working to find solutions that benefit both people and wildlife. Her research has addressed the role of birds on farms as pests and pest control agents, and she has worked on projects investigating the important role farmland plays as habitat for California birds. With the USDA Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program, she investigated the implications of agricultural land-use and pest management practices on raptor ecology and conservation. Breanna is excited to be part of UC ANR where she can develop a research and extension program that has the power to increase knowledge and adoption of management practices that promote ecological sustainability and increase farm viability in California.


PhD Ecology, University of California, Davis. 2024
MS Avian Sciences, University of California, Davis. 2019
BS Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, University of California, Davis. 2015
AA Wildlife Science, De Anza College. 2013


Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology


Avian Ecology

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Peer Reviewed

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  • Martinico, BL; Sage, GK; Gravley, MC; Talbot, SL; Bourbour, RP; Hull, AC; Haak, BA; Fish, AM; JM, Hull (2023). Population genetics and phylogeography of North American Merlins in the post-DDT era. Ibis.
  • Phillips, EM; Martinico, BL; RP, Bourbour; Baldwin, RA; Kross, SM; Hull, JM (2022). A proposed framework to investigate the interactions between Barn Owls and anticoagulant rodenticides in an Integrated Pest Management program. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference. 30.
  • Bourbour, RP; Martinico, BL; Phillips, EM; Schlarbaum, JN; Hawkins, MG; Hull, JM; Kross, SM (2022). Banding records of nestling Barn Owls reveal optimal timing for nest box management in California. Journal of Wildlife Management. 86.
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  • Bourbour, RP; Martinico, BL; Crane, MM; Hull, AC; Hull, JM (2019). Messy eaters: Swabbing prey DNA from the exterior of inconspicuous predators when foraging cannot be observed. Ecology and Evolution. 9, 1452-1457.
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  • Phillips, RA; Bousman, WG; Rogers, M; Bourbour, RP; Martinico, BL; Mammoser, M (2014). First successful nesting of Swainson's Hawk in Santa Clara County, California, since the 1800s. Western Birds. 45, 176-182.

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Martinico, BL (2023). Attracting Western Bluebirds for increased pest control on farms.
  • Martinico, BL; Busch, R; Maier, G; Doran, M (2023). Economic impacts of goose damage to agricultural operations in the southern Sacramento Valley.
  • Martinico, BL (2023). Managing raptors for increased pest control on farms.
  • Martinico, BL (2023). Nest boxes support beneficial avian predators on farms.
  • Martinico, BL; Johnson, MD; Bourbour, RP; Phillips, EM; Neill, J (2022). Barn Owl Nest Box Plans.

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