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Pile Burning Workshop
Contact: Karie Low
Sponsor: Napa County UCCE

Winter can be a great time pile burning brush and other woody fuels around your home. Learning how to construct and prepare hand piles takes skill and an understanding of safety and weather considerations to minimize the risk of escape.

This two-part class will cover fundamental topics
to hand pile burning such as:
• Safety and liability considerations
• Weather conditions and interpretation
• Navigating the permitting process

There will also be in-person local
demonstrations for gaining hands-on skills.

Whether you have been burning piles for years
or are just getting started, this class has
something for everyone!

For questions, please
contact Katie Low (katlow@ucanr.edu).

Part One: Hand Pile Burning Fundamentals Webinar
Date & Time: January 31st, 2023 from 6-8 PM PST.
Format: Free Zoom-based webinar.
Sign up by January 30, 2023 at:
Register Here

Part Two: In-Person Hand Pile Burning Field Demonstrations
Date & Time: TBD; dates, locations, and registration to be announced soon!
Format: Hands-on, skills-based field day at different locations across the State.
Field Day will cost $10.

Note: you must attend the webinar to attend the in-person demonstrations