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Water Resources

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Water is the life blood of California’s economy and the underpinning of its diverse ecosystems. As such, water supply and water quality are critical issues facing the state’s agricultural, urban, and natural ecosystems now and into the future. As a primarily rural area with a strong agricultural economy and commitment to open space, Napa County has a vested interest in ensuring a stable and reliable water supply for all stakeholders and encouraging water resiliency across our diverse ecosystems.


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UCCE interfaces with agriculturalists, public agencies, non-profit organizations, urban water users, and the public.


Napa County Groundwater Sustainability Agency (NCGSA)



Napa County Resource Conservation District (RCD)



Napa Watershed Information and Conservation Council (WICC)








UC ANR has resources on flood related prevention - check them out!




We are partnering with UCCE Master Gardners program to host a water seminar in October - stay tuned for more details!



We are collecting data for Napa ecohydrology!