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4-H Summer Camp

All About 4-H Summer Camp

Napa 4-H Summer Camp offers children, teenagers, and adults an outdoor environment to foster healthy living since 1928. 

The camp is directed by a team of adult counselors and teen staff. A qualified lifeguard and nurse are on duty at all times. Professional cooks, experienced in preparing nutritional and well-balanced menus, do the cooking. Three meals a day are served from a central kitchen, and nutritional snacks will be offered at different times during the day.

All Napa County youth and adults are invited to participate. Campers need to be 9 years old by the first day of camp. Campers age 8 may be able to attend with a parent chaperone (prior apprval required). The camp program provides for learning experiences in nature, hiking, outdoor cooking, crafts, and many other activities. Recreational activities, such as board games, sports activities, and swimming are available during the day. Campfire programs include: songs, skits, and special events. The purpose of the camp is to enjoy learning, respect and responsibility for ourselves, others and the environment. Participating in camp programs help youth build self confidence, meet new people, and experience new opportunities. 

Benefits from 2018 4-H Summer Camp

4-H Camp

  1. Provides youth and adults with a safe and secure environment both physically and emotionally where they can participate in educational, recreational and social experiences in the outdoors.
  2. Promotes appreciation of the natural environment and teaches environmental stewardship.
  3. Teaches personal life skills and values of fairness, caring, citizenship, trustworthiness, respect and responsibility.
  4. Provides opportunities for youth to learn and practice leadership, decision making and teamwork through group activities and hands on training. Learn by doing!
  5. Allows youth and adults to have new experiences by exploring new interest.
  6. Has caring adults as role models, teachers and mentors for our youth.
  7. Is FUN!