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Mystery Disease

Evidence for a Stress-related Viroid Complex

Observations of field symptoms suggest that the " Mystery disease " expressed in the Napa Valley is similar to yellow speckle disease common to Australia.

Two viroids, grapevine yellow speckle-1 and-2 (GYSVd-1 & GYSVd-2), have been reported as agents inducing yellow speckle. Analyses of samples collected in Napa Valley detected GYSVd-1 in every vine from field sources of the "mystery disease". 

Studies indicate that the causal agent of yellow speckle can be present in non-symptomatic field grown vines. Yellow speckle and vein-banding disease expression therefore, appear to be related to a stress complex of biotic, climatic, and cultural factors.

yellow speckle viroid

yellow speckle viroid_vein banding