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Barn Owl nest box networks

Barn Owls are voracious predators of common rodent pests, especially gophers, voles, and mice. The presence of Barn Owls is found to be associated with decreased pest activity and increased yields in agriculture in a variety of studies conducted locally and abroad.

Because large tree cavities and old barn structures are scarce on the landscape, Barn Owls will readily nest in provided nest boxes in agricultural and some urban areas.

To learn more about installing or maintaining a network of Barn Owl nest boxes, please see the resources below and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Napa Wildlife Rescue's Barn Owl Program

For businesses and residents of Napa County, expert services associated with nest box installation, maintenance, and monitoring are offered here:


Western SARE Quick Guide: Welcome in Barn Owls to provide rodent control

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Barn Owl family


Inside nest box


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photos: Ryan Bourbour