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Goose Damage

Agricultural producers experience millions of dollars in crop damage due to rising populations of migratory geese in California


Farmers and ranchers in the Sacramento Valley of California have reported a dramatic increase in damage to winter crops and pastures by geese, and producers lack effective management strategies to deter high quantities of geese from causing damage to their pastures and newly planted crops.

To quantify the financial impact that occurred in 2023 in Yolo, Solano, and Sacramento counties, we surveyed farmers and ranchers for losses and other costs due to geese. Damage was reported at 55 unique sites amounting to 58,784 acres. The reported losses totaled $8.199 million, with $7.916 million in direct losses of crops and $282,900 in abatement and crop reseeding costs.

View full report here: Report on 2023 Ag Impacts from Geese