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Dr. Qicheng Tang

Assistant Project Scientist, Water Resources and Resiliency
UC Cooperative Extension
1710 Soscol Avenue
Suite 4
Napa, CA 94559-1315
qictang@ucanr.edu Create VCard


My role, at Napa, is to facilitate water research and extension projects among different stakeholders. 


Ph.D., Soil Science, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park. 2022
B.S., Hydrogeology, Nanjing University. 2016


Environmental Science and Policy


Hydrologic Science


Peer Reviewed

  • Tang, Q., Duckworth, O.W., Obenour, D.R., Kulesza, S.B., Slaton. N.A., Whitaker, A.H., Nelson, N.G., Relationship between soil-test-phosphorus and agricultural surplus phosphorus, Journal of Environmental Quality, under review, 2023

  • Hodges, C., Brantley, S. L., Sharifironizi, M., Forsythe, B., Tang, Q., Carpenter, N., & Kaye, J. (2021). Soil carbon dioxide flux partitioning in a calcareous watershed with agricultural impacts. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences126(10), e2021JG006379.

  • Tang, Q., Duncan, J. M., Guo, L., Lin, H., Xiao, D., & Eissenstat, D. M. (2020). On the controls of preferential flow in soils of different hillslope position and lithological origin. Hydrological Processes34(22), 4295-4306.

  • Li, L., DiBiase, R. A., Del Vecchio, J., Marcon, V., Hoagland, B., Xiao, D., ... & Brantley, S. L. (2018). The effect of lithology and agriculture at the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory. Vadose Zone Journal17(1), 1-15.

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Tang, Qicheng (2023). Letter: New groundwater monitoring wells installed in Napa County. Napa Valley Register. 08/21.
  • Tang, Qicheng (2023). Napa rainfall-runoff analysis. UCCE Napa Factsheets. https://ucanr.edu/sites/NapaCountyUCCE/files/390017.pdf

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