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County 4-H Management Board

Napa County 4-H Management Board

What is the Napa County 4-H Management Board? 
The overall purpose of the Napa County 4-H Management Board (YDMB) is to provide space for youth and 4-H adult volunteers to work in partnership with the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) 4-H Youth Development Program (YDP) to grow the county 4-H YDP and improve 4-H programming. Working in partnership with 4-H YDP personnel, the YDMB provides leadership for the development of a strategic plan that guides program and fund development efforts in the county 4-H YDP.

Who can participate? 
Management Board Positions: Appointed 4-H adult volunteers and senior 4-H members (14-19 years old).

Committee Members: Appointed 4-H adult volunteers and intermediate/senior 4-H members (11-19 years old).

4-H Management Board Committees:
Finance Committee
Community Relations Committee
Project Learning & Development Committee
Incentives & Recognition Committee
Fundraising Committee
4-H Camp Committee

Learn more about Management Board positions and committees HERE.

Meeting Information

2023-2024 Meeting Information

Meeting Dates:

Monday, October 2 @ 6:00pm

Monday, January 8 @ 6:00pm

Monday, March 4 @ 6:00pm

Monday, May 6 @ 6:00pm

Meeting Agendas:

2023/2024 Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes:

2023/2024 Meeting Minutes

2022-2023 4-H Management Board

Chair: Belia Ramos

Youth Chair: Milly Kane

Vice Chair: Jennifer Jensen

Treasurer: Meg Ragan 

Secretary: Gianna Giorsetto

Community Relations Chair: April Damron

Community Relations Youth Chair: Austen Jensen

Project Learning & Development Chair: VACANT

Project Learning & Development Youth Chair: Julian Damron

Incentives & Recognition Chair: Tammy Hill

Incentives & Recognition Youth Chair: Presely Brazell

Fundraising Chair: VACANT

Fundraising Youth Chair: VACANT 

Fund Request Application

Napa County 4-H Management Board Fund Request Application

4-H Clubs and/or projects will submit a fund request application online.
Applications are due by November 1.
Applications will also be accepted in the spring on an as needed basis.
Fund request applications will be individually reviewed by the Finance Committee of the Napa County 4-H Management Board.
In addition to the online application, 4-H youth members will have the opportunity to submit a 2-minute video presenting their request.
4-H youth members who receive funding will agree to make an oral report at the May 4-H Management Board meeting.

** The 4-H Management Board will not fund requests 100%; independent fundraising must be completed.
** Submitting a request does not guarantee funding; the 4-H Management Board may not be able to fulfill all requests.