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4-H Clubs

Napa County 4-H Clubs

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Use the map below to locate a 4-H club near you.


4-Leaf Clovers 4-H Club - East Napa

Contact: Jennifer Jensen at jmkjensen@sbcglobal.net  

Meeting Information: Vintage High School Little Theater, Second Monday, 7:00pm


American Canyon 4-H Club

Contact: Joy Malinowski at americancanyon4hclub@gmail.com

Meeting Information: Donaldson Way Elementary School, Second Monday, 7:00pm


Berryessa 4-H Club

Contacts: Kristi Cantrell at jeskris02@gmail.com 

Christine Rochelle at cpittarochelle@gmail.com

Meeting Information: R-Ranch (2073 Monticello Rd.), Second Thursday, 6:30pm


Capell Valley 4-H Club

Contact: Dawn Madole at dbmadole@aol.com 

Meeting Information: Capell Valley Volunteer Fire Department (1193 Capell Valley Road), Second Monday, 6:30pm


Hunt Hollow 4-H Club - Stonebridge School

Contacts: Amber Paukert at amberargo@yahoo.com or carneros4h@gmail.com

Michele Dahlberg at michele.dahlberg@winesecrets.com

Meeting Information: Native Sons Hall (Coombs St.), Third Wednesdays, 5:30pm


Las Amigas 4-H Club - South Napa

Contacts: Melissa Mathison at myhcts@aol.com  

Anna Reed at arranchesnapa@gmail.com

Devonna Smith at devonnakayesmith@yahoo.com

Meeting Information: Napa Valley Expo, Second Monday, 7:00pm


Monticello Robotics 4-H Club - West Napa

Contact: Maria Thomason at NapaThomasons@gmail.com  

Meeting Information: Please contact the club leader for meeting information.


Napa Ranch 4-H Club

Contact: Lacey McDaniel at laceymcdaniel@sbcglobal.net 

Meeting Information: Napa Valley Expo, Second Thursday, 6:00pm


Oak & Vine 4-H Club - Berryessa & Napa

Contacts: Cori Carlson at cori@napapastureprotein.com  

Jacki Van Housen at vanhousenfarm@gmail.com

Meeting Information:  Berryessa or Napa Location (varies), Third Thursday, 6:30pm


Rutherford 4-H Club - Rutherford, Oakville, & St. Helena

Contact: Lauren Dressler at rutherford4H@gmail.com

Meeting Information: Rutherford Hall (8550 St. Helena Hwy.), Second Tuesday, 6:00pm


Valley Ranchers 4-H Club - Southwest Napa

Contact: Jennifer Wade-Yeo at yeojen@comcast.net

Meeting Information: Redwood Middle School, First Wednesday, 7:00pm


Vintage 4-H Club - Vintage High School area

Contact: Charlie Jones at oaklawn.nursery@gmail.com 

Meeting Information: The Barn (1100 2nd Avenue, Napa), Second Wednesday, 7:00pm