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4-H Clubs & Countywide Projects

Napa County 4-H Clubs

4-Leaf Clovers 4-H Club 

Contact: Jennifer Jensen at jmkjensen11@gmail.com

Meeting Information: Napa Grange Hall (Napa), Second Monday, 6:00pm

American Canyon 4-H Club

Contact: Joy Malinowski at americancanyon4hclub@gmail.com

Meeting Information: Donaldson Way Elementary School (American Canyon), Second Tuesday, 6:30pm

Berryessa 4-H Club 

Contacts: Kristi Cantrell at jeskris02@gmail.com 

Christine Rochelle at cpittarochelle@gmail.com

Meeting Information: R-Ranch, Second Wednesday, 6:00pm

Capell Valley 4-H Club

Contact: Dawn Madole at dbmadole@aol.com 

Meeting Information: Capell Valley Volunteer Fire Station, Second Monday, 6:30pm

Hunt Hollow 4-H Club - FULL 

Contacts: Amber Paukert at amberargo@yahoo.com or carneros4h@gmail.com

Michele Dahlberg at michele.dahlberg@winesecrets.com

Meeting Information: Native Sons Hall (Napa), Third Wednesday, 6:00pm

Las Amigas 4-H Club 

Contact: Devonna Smith at devonnakayesmith@yahoo.com

Meeting Information: Smith Residence (Foster Road, Napa), Second Monday, 7:00pm

Monticello Robotics 4-H Club 
**Single project club (robotics). 

Contacts: Maria Thomason at NapaThomasons@gmail.com  

Kate Moon at katemoon@me.com

Meeting Information: UCCE Napa (1710 Soscol Avenue, Suite 4), First Wednesday, 4:00pm

Napa Ranch 4-H Club - FULL

Contact: Lacey McDaniel at laceymcdaniel@sbcglobal.net 

Meeting Information: Napa Valley Expo, Second Thursday, 6:00pm

Oak & Vine 4-H Club - FULL

Contacts: Cori Carlson at cori@napapastureprotein.com  

Jacki Van Housen at vanhousenfarm@gmail.com

Meeting Information: St John's Lutheran Church (Napa), Third Tuesday, 6:30pm

Rutherford 4-H Club 

Contacts: Lauren Dressler at rutherford4H@gmail.com

Suzanne Berkley at ipourwine@gmail.com

Meeting Information: Rutherford Hall (8550 St. Helena Hwy.), Second Tuesday, 6:00pm

Valley Ranchers 4-H Club - FULL

Contacts: Jennifer Wade-Yeo at yeojen@comcast.net

Laura Hinton at lhinton@beef.org

Meeting Information: Redwood Middle School (Napa), First Wednesday, 7:00pm

Countywide Projects

Countywide projects are hosted by specific clubs, however they are open to all club members, regardless of their primary club. Contact the countywide project leader to join today!

2022-2023 Countywide Project Enrollment Instructions

2022-2023 Countywide Project Enrollment Instructions

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